Briquetting Process

What is Briquetting Process ?

Simple converting the Agro waste, forestry waste and industrial waste into a bio fuel is called briquetting Process. Our industries are completely depending on fossil fuels. But the fossil fuel is risky for environment and it is very harmful. This Process is ideal for agriculture countries like India, Sri Lanka and African countries. The briquetting Process is the best Process for generate revenue from agriculture and forestry wastage. The briquette plant is the reply to the entire energy and surroundings calamity that provides the eco energy fuel briquette. The Major raw materials that are used in briquetting Process include: saw dust, wood chips, forestry leaves, and flowers, saw mills and other agriculture wastage.  All the biomass wastage first chipped into smaller piece and adds to grinder to convert saw dust. The biomass enters in the machine and then it compacted under high pressure. The biomass waste which may be damaging somehow or which have no more profit-making use is employed for the bio coal briquette manufacture. The briquetting Process action involves high pressure motorized treatment process of the biomass waste sourced as of saw mills, timber industry and forest to create bio coal briquettes and pallets as finish manufactured goods and after that its use for thermal energy production. The ecological benefits of using briquettes over coal includes low ash and gas construction while burning, easy to finger and transportation, high density, low ignition point, low moisture, cheap rate, efficient burning and no health hazards.

Every year lots of agricultural and forestry wastes generated. Briquetting is the process of convert the agro and forestry  wastage into a solid fuel. It is the substitute of a bio fuel. The briquettes are cofired with firewood in order to produce the heat abounding to the boiler. After completing the process in coal briquette we can get a small coal. In the early briquettes the briquettes are large in shape. Environmental bio-briquettes are pollution free and also donate to greener surroundings which save worthy foreign exchange.  The sawdust, rice husk, forestry leaves, bamboo dust, flowers and bagasse are used as a war material of briquetting plant.  For a briquetting process we are first tested the waste material for their chemical composition to make a decision on their correctness and to select a proper mix. No binder is needed in all process. It is a completely binder less technology. During the briquetting process the Cooled briquettes are cut and packed in bags or stored in bulk for shipment or use.

The Briquetting process is totally ecological as it does not release any contaminant or pollutant material.

The process involves the below mentioned stages:

  • At first the chemical composition of the biomass that is to be briquetted is checked and appropriate mixing of the diverse materials are done to ensure that briquettes are produced qualitatively. If the biomass is not worthy of the process, it is ultimately rejected.
  • The biomass is subjected to drying with the heat of natural sunrays or with biomass dryer machine to ensure that moisture level is not more than 15%.
  • Biomass is then processed to appropriate size or is powdered depending on the requirement necessitated by the briquetting machine.
  • When the material is prepared, they are fed into the briquetting machines where they are compressed with high pressure and exposed to high temperature to liquefy the lignin material usually existing in the material naturally. This material performs the binding process to yield solid bio-fuel.
  • Now the machine offers them pre-determined size as well as forms and spews the yield.
  • Then finally they are cooled and stored in the right conditions.


In India and numerous nations there are bunches of wastage store in a every year. The asset of the bio enery in India is more because of the richness in agribusiness where the waste is utilized to reestablish energy fuel. The briquetting plant can supply environmentally friendly power vitality (green energy). Compared with different wellsprings of energy, briquettes have a higher warming quality in this way creating generally strong heat. Making briquettes from biomass is a high expert approach to spare your energy charge and in addition to set out of biomass waste. A briquette is made by briquetting machine, otherwise called briquette creator or briquette press. Biomass briquetting plants can change such squanders to recyclable briquettes. Biomass briquetting plant is that the earth well disposed green innovation for utilize or acquire from agribusiness or ranger service squander by utilize again material into equipped and eco cordial strong biofuel. Renewable Energy source briquetting will dependably be the less expensive, more secure and eco-accommodating result of all the time in India.

briquetting process in India

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